Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce

We were given the opportunity to rebrand the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce, an organization that fosters civic engagement and business development in the Grosse Pointe community. The Chamber came to us with a goal to attract younger and more diverse residents, expand their community outreach, unify the 5 “Pointes”, and create a more consistent, usable, and contemporary brand identity.

This system emphasizes the various constituents of the Pointes through symbolic shapes, building the main pillars of The Chamber’s business and community-centered goals. The simple geometry of the icons pushes the GPCC towards their refined essence and vision to actively seek younger audiences. The sophisticated yet playful color palette allows for seasonal growth and development in the chamber’s programming, resulting in an energizing branding system.

This project was done in collaboration with ︎︎︎Sydney Mantua & ︎︎︎Sam Pickett

Seasonal Applications