Scientific Study of UFOs

This 300+ page publication was a complete redesign of The Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects by physics Professor Edward U. Condon. He conducted the study at the University of Colorado between 1966 and 1968 to provide the public with answers as to whether UFOs are real or just superstition. Dr. Condon's work remains the largest single scientific project ever undertaken in relation to UFOs. The initial content was disorganized, overwhelming, and confusing to follow. This design was an exercise in information organization, turning a jumbled compilation of web pages, images, and text files into a functional and dynamic system.

The design was inspired by the recent UFO sighting caught on camera by a U.S. Navy hornet plane. The tidbits of information and coordinates on the hornet’s screen were used as inspiration for the book cover and page navigation to make readers feel like they are a part of the investigation. The bright pink cover and diagram cards are nearly as striking as a shiny flying disk in the sky. The decision to make a separate deck of diagram cards allows the readers to bookmark their spot, section-off text, or compare and contrast information. The book, cards, and poster are a cohesive system that is functional, eye catching, and as detailed and complex as the information inside.