Detroit Institute of Arts

The historic Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the central jewels of Detroit. The museum has earned both local and nationwide respect for its collection of pieces that represent a full spectrum of art across many cultures, times, and places. The experience of walking into the DIA feels as much like walking into a grand cathedral as it does to swimming through a bright coral reef filled with life. The essence of the DIA is at this intersection of awe and exploration. The DIA is also an afternoon school field trip, a first date, or a late night jazz show, and despite the DIA being many things to many different people, the old identity seemed reserved and outdated. Our task was to design a refreshed identity system that preserves not only the DIA’s cathedral-like magnificence, but also it’s spirit of childlike discovery.

The refreshed identity positions the DIA as a neutral container where diverse art, culture, and experiences can flourish. The DIA lives between sophisticated & accessible, classic & modern, and creates unique connections between people and art.

This project was done in collaboration with︎︎︎Thomas McElmeel & ︎︎︎LaSean Marie Patton.

Signage Applications

Digital Applications

DeMap Interface Concept